On Wednesday, I wrote a letter of resignation to the board of Penn Press, but the decision to remove me may have been made already.
Rural-urban connections, #thanksfortyping, a free China eBook, & (yes!) a poem
A few thoughts on America's role in the world and why we need a new spirit of adventure and imagination.
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This is a confession my children don't want me to make.
The lesson I'm finding hardest right now.
We have to start talking, and listening to people who don't agree with us.
Newly arranged as the author intended: The Autobiography of W E B Du Bois, Great Barrington Edition.
Publishing has become a zombie business, but I'm wondering if it can be brought to life in the post-pandemic era.
After the storming of the US Capitol, maybe we should start the year over.
A lot of us are wondering why everything is still so damned hard.
What the world thinks about America might be changing