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A conversation with Antoine Burret

Author of Nos tiers-lieux. Défendre les lieux de sociabilité du quotidien

Antoine and I started talking last summer while he was in final months of work on Nos Tiers-Lieux (Our Third Places), the first book on the subject to be written and published in France. Here we pick up our conversation, discussing what he considers the romanticized view of French bistros (Emily in Paris), how the French use of the term third place, and whether hackerspaces should be called third places.

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Karen's Letter
Third Places
A "third place" is a convivial, regular hangout, not home and not work - a place where everyone knows your name. I corresponded for years with Ray Oldenburg, who coined the term in his 1989 book The Great Good Place. He left me with the task of writing a new edition. Visit for details about the new book.
Karen Christensen
Antoine Burret