A New York Times event raised more questions than it answered.
The "green" train that's running at COP26 might find another home here in western Massachusetts, and the Infrastructure Bill could help make it happen.
I can't get away from the Eliot story, no matter how I try.
The zombies are still walking, but that's not the end of the story.
Our innate urge to create coherent narratives can be overwhelming, but truth matters.
Publishing has become a zombie business, but I'm wondering if it can be brought to life in the post-pandemic era.
This is a confession my children don't want me to make.
How to make your world a better place
Time is of the essence, yes, but how can we make time now to face a future that's coming all too fast?
Juneteenth: A day, a time, a moment to remember
Publishing 2021: Agents, Editors, Publishers & Other Beastly CreaturesThis is an “Ask Me Anything” session, though I don’t promise to have an answer for everything. I wear a lot of hats - author, journalist, publis…
On Wednesday, I wrote a letter of resignation to the board of Penn Press, but the decision to remove me may have been made already.