Time is of the essence, yes, but how can we make time now to face a future that's coming all too fast?
Juneteenth: A day, a time, a moment to remember
Publishing 2021: Agents, Editors, Publishers & Other Beastly CreaturesThis is an “Ask Me Anything” session, though I don’t promise to have an answer for everything. I wear a lot of hats - author, journalist, publis…
On Wednesday, I wrote a letter of resignation to the board of Penn Press, but the decision to remove me may have been made already.
Last week I took the stage with a US senator and US congressman to talk about what President Biden calls building back better.
What happens to the gas-guzzlers, diesel trains, unneeded planes, and out-of-date fridges?
Ray & I are quoted in Bloomberg CityLab; I present selections from Francis Bacon's "Of Friendship"
No, this is not an April Fool's Day joke. It can be done. It's a future to dream of, and work for.
A virtual visit to the Netherlands & memories of a visit to China
Meeting face to face again is an opportunity to rethink what we value
Like spring in the Berkshires reopening is slow, but it is coming
What will it take to be ready for life in the 21st century?